Performa Cars

Performa Cars

Performa Cars is an old school 2D top down racing game, similar to classic ones like Supercars and Slicks.



Ready for release (alpha)

70% Complete (alpha release)

Retro (uses old un-accelerated tech)

80% Uses old un-accelerated tech

Bugs (gives the game character)

30% Gives the game character =)


Performa Cars is an old game released as freeware since it was still in alpha stage when technology outran it. It's no longer supported or developed, but it's available for you to download and play. Have fun =)

  • 16 Cars (FWD, RWD, 4WD)
  • 12 Circuits
  • Single player or split screen mode
  • Up to 7 computer AI cars
  • Hazards Trains etc.
  • Visual car damage (affects performance)